I love Heat, the De Niro and Pacino film.

What I don’t love is the warm kind of Heat, simply because my PC is overheating constantly, which kinda kills the beast.

Such is life, hoping to back at it all day erry day as soon as heat-ily possible.

Far Too Busy!

Oh goshballs.

I have been far too busy as of late.

Unfortunately this means development has basically stopped.  This displeases the Toucans, all 20 of them.

Even worse; this is going to continue until the middle of the month. Wah.

After that I can devote much more time to this (and Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, but that’s a different thing altogether.)

Next time I hope to have better news for y’all.



Ok, things have been a bit quiet, but I have been busy.

Firstly, I got my tablet, went for a Monoprice doohickey, works a treat, half the price of a Wacom that’s half the size, so using maths, it’s 75% good-er, but oh my good golly goshballs, it takes some getting used to.  Basically, art will not be my strong point.

I’m steadily learning Game Maker Language.  I’m using this first project to teach myself the magical ways of the things that happen to make video games.

Thirdly, I’m hoping for an August Release of my first game, will be on the Google Play store, then later on the Ouya store.

I am no coder, or artist, this is a hobby project for me, so patience is required!

I have a plan of 3 games so far, a bit ambitious, but should teach me the basics of the genres I like, and think work on a touch screen device.

Also, Parrots will be killed many, many times in my first title.

Why Birds?

Ok, 20 Toucans is a strange name.

There is a reason for it, and it goes thus-ly.

Peter Molyneux

This is Peter Molyneux.

He made Populous, Fable, Black and White and that game with the box.

Originally he was the guy at Lionhead, but he left, and formed a new studio called 22Cans.

Meanwhile, on the twitter one day, @Standardman (one of the wallet harming trio at SavyGamer) remarked upon the twitter that 22Cans sounds a bit like 20 Toucans.

Thus, the idea crept into my head, and 20 Toucans was born.


Thank you @Standardman, for.. err.. standardising my naming procedure!

Update on Development:  I have a Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet incoming so my pixels don’t look completely cack, and I’m grasping the basics of Game Maker Studio, should be good stuff I hope!

Press Start

Well… Hi!

I am Anthony Dixon, prospective developer of Android Games and other curiosities.

I have a Unity 3 Android license which was acquired when they cost free a few months back, which I shall not be using simply because I decided to concentrate on 2d.

There are multiple reasons for this, 2d is less taxing on hardware (so I can use my trusty Huawei Ascend G300 as a base phone spec); it’s probably a bit simpler to get my head around as it’s 1 entire dimension less and most importantly; I love the pixel art style.

Thus, I got an Android Professional License for Game Maker when Steam (DAMN YOU GABEN!) had a big sale of stuff.

So, I’ll be tutorialling (not a word) through that until I get started on my first game.

It features freefall and parrots.  It will be excellent/shite.

Also; FIRST POST! Since the internet loves cats, here’s a picture of Gabe, schlomping on my couch watching me do stuff using MSPaint.


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